Our thanks to Thane Alexander Makcristyne, the East Kingdom’s Volunteer War Point Representative, for providing the following information at The Gazette’s request. 

The Volunteer War Point, or VWP, happened this year and many people put in a combined total of over five thousand hours in various areas of Pennsic. Some of the highest registered hours came from Pennsic University and Herald’s point.  The total hours per warring faction broke down as follows:
East/Mid/Acre – 3,181 hours
AEthelmearc /Allies – 2,308.

The VWP staff consisted of one representative and a deputy from the Middle Kingdom, one representative from the East Kingdom, and one neutral counter.  They put in a combined total of four hours distributing the VWP packets, collecting them, and counting/verifying hours. Once hours were counted and verified by three different people, the staff broke to inform their kingdoms of the results, however there was no representative for AEthelmearc/Allies available at that time to go report the results.

The VWP is a valuable War point because everyone has a chance to aid in the war and help the war continue.  Many hand make light work. I want to thank everyone who even gave up one minute of their time to help the war.

East Kingdome VWP representative: Thane Alexander Makcristyne