The following message is from the Duchess Katherine Stanhope, who is the Polling Clerk for the East Kingdom.

Greetings all,

Many, many new awards have been bestowed recently, so there are many people to be added to polling and discussion lists. The link to join these lists is:

Note that the polling and discussion lists are SEPARATE. You receive the polls on the polling list ONLY, and all discussion takes place on the discussion lists.

Because there are so many new award recipients, I haven’t been able to keep track. When you join the lists, please send me an email to explaining who you are, and when you received your award. This will help prevent delays to processing your request. Also, the current polling is open until August 23. If you sign up before then, I will send you the link to the poll.

If you think you are subscribed but haven’t received your poll, the first thing you should do is check your spam filter. If you don’t find the polls in there, then go to the link and resubscribe.

Thank you!

Katherine Stanhope
Polling Clerk