Unto all Gentles of the Knowne World, whatsoever their title may be, does Mistress Fia Kareman send greetings.

It is with excitement that I announce that a Chirurgeons Guild has been established, and as of today, is considered active.

Several months ago, a small group of dedicated individuals came together to continue the tradition of the Chirurgeons and to provide first aid for those that request it at events held by the SCA. We have created a Handbook of Rules and Regulations of the Chirurgeons Guild, established a Googlegroups for discussion, set up a basic website, and an email for questions.

Most importantly, we are starting to follow these Rules and call ourselves a Guild, and act as such, at any event going forward. We may have a few growing pains, but we are eager to help and serve as we have always done.

Please feel free to use the links below to join the Guild, ask questions, provide suggestions, and read the Rules and Regulations as they currently stand. We look forward to your participation, input, and support into growing our Guild.

We welcome all questions, comments, and suggestions, as long as they remain civil. We want to make this the best that it can be moving forward, and hope that we have your support in doing so.

Mistress Fia Kareman, CSC, OP
Chirurgeon General of the Chirurgeons Guild

Email – chirurgeongeneral@gmail.com
Discussion Group – chirurgeons-guild@googlegroups.com
Website – http://www.chirurgeonsguild.org
Handbook – https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6qpP_l4Tfl3X1RkS1V6cThUTk0/view?usp=sharing