IMG_6103As our attention is drawn away on land with the Great Northeastern War,  Pirates will be using this time to strike at us from the seas! Who will save us in this time of need? Who can we call upon to watch our backs? Well have no fear,…..

“Under 5’s” to the Rescue!!!!

Come one, Come all, Join us at the Thrown Weapons Field (Barn if raining) as we cheer on the next generation of Scadian heroes! Watch as they defend our shores during the Great Northeastern War from invading hordes! Armed with nothing more than 3 foam Thor hammers, watch as they send the enemy packing.

At this coming Great Northeastern War, The Youth will set us free!!!!

Requirements: Must be under 5 years old. *small 5’s will be allowed if they understand that they will only be able to participate in one tourney (under 5 or youth)*


Thrown Weapons Field (rest of range will be closed during tourney)
Barn if Raining
3:00pm on Saturday July 11th.
For more information please contact BodenHedebry@gmail.com.