badge marshal rapierTo the populace of the East Kingdom do I, Don Lottieri Malocchio, Captain-General of Rapier, send greetings.

I am pleased to announce that the following individuals will be doing me the honor of serving on my command staff for the upcoming Pennsic War:

East Kingdom XO: Don Borujin Acilaldai, “Don Jin,” Tir Mara Western Regional Rapier Deputy
East Kingdom XO: Lord Remy Delemontagne de Gascogne
Northern Army Commander: Don Ogedei Becinjab
Northern Army XO: Lady Sorcha Dhocair
Southern Army Commander: Master Lawrence Thornguard, aka “Baron Larry”
Southern Army XO: Don Melchior Kriebel
Rapier Champions Commander: Master Donovan Shinnock
Rapier Champions XO: Lupold Haas

Additionally, Lord Remy will also be overseeing the Melee Champions team, in addition to his responsibilities as an army XO.

I am looking forward to serving alongside these stalwart men and women in the coming weeks as the East Kingdom prepares for this most glorious War that awaits us.

Yours In Service,
Don Lottieri Malocchio