Greetings, East Kingdom Rapier Marshals.

We are in the process of compiling information for the fencing community and ask that every active marshal please email the following information to your regional marshal:

-Name (SCA and Mundane)
-Membership number and expiration date
-Who warranted you and when.

Local Marshals, please obtain this information from your area Marshals at Large.

Emails for each region are listed below:.

West Tir Mara Deputy Doña Borujin Acilaldai  Email: rapier@tirmara.eastkingdom.org

East Tir Mara Deputy Lord Guthfrith Yrlingson Email: rapier@tirmara.eastkingdom.org

Northern Region Deputy Dona Camille des Jardins Email: kmof.north@eastkingdom.org

Central Region Deputy Don Lotieri Malocchio Email: kmof.central@eastkingdom.org

Southern Region Deputy Baroness Engracia de Madrigal Email kmof.south@eastkingdom.org

In Service,

Master Frasier MacLeod
KRM, East