badge Earl MarshalThis message is posted at the request of Baron Sir Jibril al-Dakhil, Earl Marshal of the East Kingdom

Greetings Unto the East Kingdom!

Our Society is not one built upon the idea that you win at all costs. It is firmly grounded in the concept that you fight with honor, to the best of your ability, until such time that you are struck by a killing blow or strike a killing blow upon your most worthy adversary.

As authorized fighters we accept that our adversaries are worthy of honor and respect, for victory lay in their hands as the sole judge of a killing blow. If you are unwilling to accept the judgment of your adversary, then you do not accept the fundamental principle of our combat.

If you are unwilling to accept a killing blow then you have turned away from the cornerstone of the agreed terms of our combat. Not only is this physically dangerous (ie. unsafe) but it is dishonorable and subject to sanctions. Particularly in Crown, you dishonor not just yourself but also your consort and you do so before the entire Kingdom.

If there is a question as to a blow then you must discuss it at that time. This discussion should occur in the presence of the marshal and should be conducted in the same manner that you would speak to your consort. By this I mean you speak with respect and courtesy. In that moment when you question a blow, your consorts honor now rests on your words. In responding to such a question, be guided in the same manner – answer with courtesy and respect, bearing the weight of your consort’s honor. Comportment is part of the rules of the list in all regards and should be strictly followed.

Fighting your hardest and choosing to accept defeat is the greatest victory you can achieve. It is in this moment when chivalry shines brightest. True, this is not what wins the tournament for you, but it is what makes our style of combat reflect the best ideals of what we do. Choosing the harder path of defeat sets a bar for you to strive for more tomorrow and it shows the Kingdom, and your consort, that honor means more than a prize.

Marshals have the authority, under Corpora, to pull fighters from combat for a day for violating the rules of the list. This is not subject to appeal or debate. Marshals in turn have the great responsibility of tempering their actions to ensure fairness and safety at all times.

Fight to the best of your ability. Lose with dignity. Win with exceeding prowess. Set a shining example of honor and chivalry for the East Kingdom.

Lastly, we will need some Bye Fighters. So even if you have not entered Crown, if you wish test your skill against the best of the East Kingdom, please bring your armor and make ready.

I now go off to on a pilgrimage to grow the numbers of the East.

Yours in Service,
Baron Sir Jibril al-Dakhil,
Earl Marshal of the East Kingdom