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badge Minister of ListsGreetings,
At this time, I would like to hear from all those that might have interest in being the Central Region Deputy MOL for the kingdom.

This job is a pretty easy one.
The deputy is in charge of keeping an eye on the region. If an event is in need of an MOL, the deputy helps to find someone suitable.
I will often ask my deputies to follow up on reports from Baronies in their region.
Regional deputies are expected to help MOL Crown tournament and K&Q champions tournaments when they fall in their own areas.

I am looking for someone that loves to MOL. Joy in what we do translates over to the list field and allows everyone to have a great time.
You do not have to be a long time MOL to hold this position. All experience levels are welcome to contact me.

On another note to other regions:
If you desire to someday rise in the MOL office, please talk to me. I am always looking to connect with MOLs who want to get more involved.
Do you want to come and spend a day with me at the MOL table? I would love it!!
My job is super fun and I would love for others to experience that. Send me an email and let’s chat.

Sabina Luttrell
East Kingdom Minister of Lists