Feast Preparation, By Mistress Rhonwen glyn Conwy

Feast Preparation, By Mistress Rhonwen glyn Conwy

A finalized list of A&S challenges for Artisans’ Village (June 5-7) is available.  We have 18 wonderful challenges representing a diverse array of arts, including cooking, scribal, costuming, glass bead/jewelry making, and the performing arts. We also have several research and persona based challenges, some of which would be applicable for a wide variety of arts or sciences.

Please view the list of challenges below, and go to the even website for more information about each challenge http://www.hartshorn-dale.org/village/challenges.htm

We hope to see you and your work at the event!

Submitted by Lissa Underhill


Galen, What Should I Make for Dinner?
–Tristan de Worrell

Faith-Filled Food
–Judith bas Rabbi Mendel

Create a 16th Century Italian Item of Clothing or Accessory
–Kataryn Mercer

The Gift of Tongues
–Galefridus Peregrinus
–Judith bas Rabbi Mendel

An Untraveled Path Challenge
–Renye Wurm

Siens Experimente
–Alesone Gray of Cranlegh

Mistery of Grocers of our City of London
–Alesone Gray of Cranlegh

All In A Days Work
–Ibrahim al-Rashid

Write a Biography
–Markesa Manuel de Carvalhal

Procrastinators Challenge
–Sarah le Payller

Wire-wrapped bead challenge, in two parts.
–Sarah le Payller

Funny, It Does Look Jewish
–Reb Eleazar ha-Levi

Make Earrings
— Carowyn Silveroak

Kingdom Inspired Largesse
–Rainillt de Bello Marisco

Recreate a Period Glass Bead
–Elysabeth (Lissa) Underhill

Thinking Inside the Box: Formal Poetic Forms
–Aildreda de Tamwurthe on behalf of the East Kingdom College of Performers

“Tik, tak! hic, hac!”: Art about Artisans
–Sabine de Kerbriant

Getting your nibs wet
–Lada Monguligin