c12a917df9f5765d388167e755c43b70Dueña Mercedes Vera de Calafia, Kingdom Seneschal, has announced that the SCA 50th Year Celebration Coordinator for the East Kingdom is Countess Marguerite ingen Lachlainn.

Countess Marguerite is already “on the job” and shares the following missive:

I am in the process of assembling a team of people who would like to help put the [East Kingdom] booth together. I am specifically looking for someone who has video-graphy skills to join us.

Once we have a design for the booth, we will be reaching out via G+ and Facebook to ask for loans of historical items and scanned photographs of events throughout East Kingdom History.

We know we will need:

  • A banner or sign displaying the name of the Kingdom
  • A large Kingdom device displaying the arms of the Kingdom
  • King and Queen Lineage on a large easily readable display
  • Pictures or items that are a part of the Kingdom’s history (example: coronets, gowns, casting molds from important items, mantles, old armor, new armor etc.)
  • A 10 minute video on the history and traditions of the Kingdom

But we are likely to also include a significant display of East Kingdom Calligraphy and Illumination and other things that make our Kingdom Unique.

Eventually we will also be looking for Easterners attending the event to come help staff the booth on site.

Here is the current Event notice for the SCA 50th event: http://eastkingdom.org/sca50.php

Here is the SCA50th Website (Not much there yet).  http://www.sca50year.org/

Please contact me with any questions or to get involved.

Marguerite inghean Lachlainn