badge ExchequerThe following message is posted at the request of Maestra Ignacia la Ciega, East Kingdom Chancellor of the Exchequer

From the Chancellor of the Exchequer.

I’m very sorry to announce that Lady Sophie-Catherine de Montnoir has had to resign from the position of Regional Deputy Exchequer of Tir Mara. This position takes more time that she can give to it with her mundane commitments. I commend her for trying to fill this position and for knowing that she does not have the time it requires to do it well. As a result I am now taking applications for a replacement for that position. I estimate that the position would take 4-8 hours per month with the end of each quarter being on the higher end of the estimate.

The ideal candidate will speak both French and English and have previously been an exchequer or have a reasonable grasp of accounting concepts. Candidates without these skills will also be seriously considered. Any candidate must have reliable and regular access to email. Send applications and questions to Ignacia at Having a deputy to support the exchequers in Tir Mara is a very important part of having a connected and unified Kingdom.