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As part of the ongoing efforts to grow the Tir Mara College of Heralds and provide better customer service to our Tir Maran brothers and sisters, Ryan Brigantia has approved the appointment of Jeanne de Robin as Blue Alaunt Herald, the new deputy to my office, responsible for handling submissions from Tir Mara.

Submissions and fees for Tir Mara subjects should be sent to Jeanne Blue Alaunt. She will make sure that they get to me and get input into OSCAR appropriately. We are also working on finding a way to create a bank account in Canada for Canadian submissions fees, so that Tir Marans will no longer have to endure the extra expense of getting money shifted into US dollars.

Tir Maran submissions should be sent to:

Jeanne de Robin, Blue Alaunt Herald

Please join me in welcoming Jeanne to the staff and assisting her in getting up to speed in her office. Expect to hear more news from Ryan Brigantia about Badger and the French-language liaison very soon.

Also please feel free to distribute this missive to any and all relevant mailing lists, social media sites and other information distribution methods.

Your faithful and obedient servant,
Alys Blue Tyger