From Baroness Doucette du Verdun:

The Equestrian Meeting, held every year at Birka, experienced a schedule
change after the site book went to the printers.

The previous time/location was noon in the Penthouse Room.

Instead, the Equestrians will be holding two meetings at Birka; everyone is
welcome to both.

9 AM: Business Meeting (event planning and scheduling, what we’re doing
this year, how to become a marshal or officiant or crew, etc.)

3 PM: Social (meet and greet, talk about the upcoming year and plans for
events, get to know people and get involved with us, come talk)

The 9 AM and 3 PM meetings will be held in one of the conference rooms near
the fighting – we will be informed by the site that day which room we have,
and we’ll put up signs. Please, come find us. We welcome participation in
whatever capacity you feel capable of.

Please forward to anyone you know who has interest in SCA Equestrian
Activities. Thank you!