Photo courtesy of Cateline la Broderesse

Photo courtesy of Cateline la Broderesse

Greetings unto the people of the East,

We have 5 requests of you in the days ahead during the martial peerage discussions, in the wake of Saturday’s BoD meeting.

  1. Please be respectful. Courtesy is the social fabric that makes us the community that we are.
  2. Please assume misunderstanding over malice. We are a very diverse group of people, and we are also people with jobs and families and worries and opinions and stress. None of us is blessed with perfect foresight. All of us are making the best decisions we can as we go along.
  3. Please have a modicum of patience. There are many moving parts to this, and we have watched the dialogue evolve by the hour.  We are doing all that we can to hear the varied parties, understand the facts and develop a plan in conjunction with our Cousins so that we and the BoD can work in concert to quickly resolve this issue.
  4. Please remember courtesy, courtesy, courtesy.
  5. Please share your council with us: via email, phone or in person.  We have announced the following Order Meetings at Birka:
    Sagittarius 12:30-1:00
    OGR 2:30-3:15
    Chivalry 3:20-4:05
    Chivalry + OGR 4:10-4:40

    We will also be available Friday and Saturday evening at Birka.

We anticipate being able to share a draft plan sometime next week.

Thank you for caring enough to be a part of this discussion. It will help to shape the future of our society.
In Service to the Dream,
Edward & Thyra