Unto our Beloved Eastern Populace, Greetings,

For many years, I have campaigned in foreign lands, displaying prowess and courtesy upon distant fields, harvesting word fame and friendships for the Eastern Tyger. I have cherished the friendships forged in those distant lands, the camaraderie of our Eastern army and the privilege to introduce our fair Queen to so many good friends from around the Known World.

Their Majesties enter the last Gulf Wars

Their Majesties enter the last Gulf Wars

On March 16th, Her Majesty and I will step through the castle gates at Gulf Wars one last time as your monarchs and declare the East to stand beside true friends and noble allies. And so I ask, will you stand with us on that day?

Already word has reached my ears that a cohort of nearly 20 fencers will march with us. How many armored combatants will stand next to me on the field? How many archers and dancers will stand alongside my glorious queen? How many of you will join us with full cups, stories of deeds done and friendships newly minted?

Queen Thyra and her Rapier Champion, Davius St. Jacques, at Gulf Wars last year.

Queen Thyra and her Rapier Champion, Davius St. Jacques, before a tournament at Gulf Wars last year.

We know that the road is long, and the burdens are many. But if you are prepared to stand with us at Gulf Wars, all except for the want of a ride, a way to get your spear to war, or a place to hang your hat, then I want to hear from you. I would hate to arrive at Gulf Wars with the space for an extra tent, but to have no one to fill it. Also, if you are prepared to pitch in by transporting a tent or two, maybe offering a ride, please contact us.

Planning details may be found on our website and at the Gulf Wars website and feel free to contact Lady Aine who will be our central point of contact for addressing logistics and helping gentles make the voyage.

Thank you all for everything that you do to make our kingdom great, and I hope to see some of you at Gulf Wars.

Edward Rex