SCA shieldThe Board of Directors quarterly meeting was held in St. Louis, MO on October 25, 2014. The following are summaries of discussions that happened at the meeting. It is not a comprehensive account and does not cover all agenda items discussed.  The Gazette would like to thank Mistress Katrei Grunenberg and Baroness Slaine ni Chiarain for taking notes for the Gazette.

All board of director meetings will be held in Milpitas in 2016 as a cost cutting measure. The costs saved will be used to fund a special project.

Standard language has been created for all affiliate agreements.

The Board will try to get draft agendas up at SCA.org in advance of board meetings as a result of a request from the East Kingdom Gazette.

A variance was granted for the unexpected delay of a coronation in Trimaris when the crown princess had to miss the original date due to a hospitalization.

A suggestion was made that those who have received background checks to work with youth have a card from the corporate office stating this. The idea will be investigated.

Tournaments Illumination will be doing special issues for the 50th anniversary that will cover the history of the SCA as well as service, chivalry, and A&S.  They will be looking for articles.

Trimaris will be conducting an experiment in using PayPal at events.

Online auctions are not allowed for official SCA fundraisers. They may be used for private fundraisers.

Official SCA funds or fundraiser proceeds cannot be directly distributed to retainers or household members of the Crown. Private fundraisers are not included in this restriction.

The possibility of dissolving the Chirugeonate has been discussed as result of comments made by lawyers and insurance agents who advise the SCA. The feedback from members is supportive of keeping the Chirurgeonate. A committee will be formed to work on how to keep the Chirurgeonate and also address the concerns. The Board is looking for people to serve on the committee who have experience as a medical professional or as a chirurgeon. Interested parties should contact Chairman Berk.

Feedback will be requested for the suggestions made by the Peerage Exploratory Committee.

Chairman Simon retired from the Board. The new Chairman is Scott Berk.