By Master Liam Saint Liam

In the 10 days since a three-car crash in the Dominican Republic claimed the life of one of our long-time members and left one of the most respected knights in the kingdom in critical condition, the East Kingdom — in fact the whole SCA — has seen the wonder and beauty of this game we play.

On Sept. 25, taking advantage of the Jewish-holiday break from school, Ashley Fraser (Lady Lilith Le Blanc) and M. Dwayne Herron (Sir Sirhan AlCyani Akarel Diablu)  left John F. Kennedy Airport for a weekend away together.
Within hours, their taxi had been involved in a serious accident, Ashley was killed and Dwayne was hospitalized in critical condition with multiple injuries.

Then the miracle of the SCA kicked into high gear.
Sir Luis de Castilla, one of the newest knights of the East and a former squire of Diablu’s, is a police officer and speaks Spanish, so he made the connections for the family, then flew to the Dominican Republic to take point.
Dwayne’s brother Dexter (Master Frodo – Hiyama no Kufuka Oniko) flew down, as did his mother, and within a week, Dwayne was at Jackson Hospital in Miami, where he is right now.
He is aware of what happened to his lady. Her ashes will be returned to the family.
This was not simple, and involved many SCA members, some of whom had never met Ashley and Diablu, and one with a connection to a Congressman, who helped solve some issues.

Here are some notes of thanks from Sir Luis . . .
Dexter Herron my brother in this fight. His persistence paid off huge!
Corbie Mitleid a woman who I’ve never met and yet showed me a kindness and guidance I will never ever be able to repay.
Lori O’Rourke Copland we’ve passed each other by at events. Beautiful woman in awesome garb. Would have never spoken to a stick jock like me….Got this ball rolling! Another who I am forever in debt.
Margarita De’ Siena for keeping me sane. Loving me . . .
The Whole Von Halstern/Nutley/Grants/Hawthorne/404 Mooks I needed the support boys. The cheering up . . . . Thank you. I’ll be smacking you all with rattan soon...”

There are people in Trimaris who stand ready to help when they are needed and Scadians from all over have donated to help with travel and other expenses.
Both Ashley and Dwayne have been in the SCA for decades, and each previously lost a former partner who was also a long-time SCA member. Together, they were a powerful force for good in our society. They were among the mainstays of Security/The Watch at Pennsic, and while her work was often behind the scenes, Diablu is one of those folks who is bigger than life.

For those interested in sending cards, the address is Dwayne Herron, C/O Grace Herron, 5110 NW 75th Ave., Lauderhill FL, 33319.
Those who would like to donate to help the family with expenses, the information is here: