archersforddeviceFrom the incipient Shire of Archer’s Ford, an event announcement:

Event: The Annual Brewing Festival of St. Ægir

Where: The Shire of Archer’s Ford – Pennside Presbyterian Church – 253 N. 25th St., Reading, PA 19606

When: Saturday, February 28th, 2015

The Brotherhood of Brewers and the East Kingdom Brewer’s Guild present the third annual Brewing Festival of Saint Ægir. Join us this year at our new location. There will of course be various brews for tasting. Bring your best for the EKBG paneling.

We have broadened our event this year. If you find it at a tavern, we might have classes for it. Not only will there be classes on various types of brew, but there’s more. Classes are being added, so check back. Some of the classes we have already, involve cooking and merriment. We will have a dayboard prepared by everyone’s favorite Swedish chef, Lord Uncle Chuck (yes, that guy). BORK BORK BORK.

What would a tavern be without the camaraderie of friends, a good story, and music. Come tell old man winter he can’t keep you down, and join us!

Reservations: $10 pre-registered members; $12 members at-the-door; +$5 non-member surcharge.

Pre-registrations must be postmarked by 2/14/2015; Checks Payable to “SCA – PA, Inc. – Shire of Hartshorn-dale”

Send reservations to Lord Damiano Vitallie de Fonda, 1400 Hay Road, Temple, PA 19560

Autocrat: Lord Matheus Carnifex (mbowers75@ comcast .net)

Merchants contact: Lord Alexander Makcristyne (cmakcristyne@ gmail .com)