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Bardic appreciation tokens

Greetings all!

Last Monday was the first time I announced the hashtag campaign for #MedievalMonday, and a number of people from across the Known World rose to the occasion. The campaign even got noticed by the Society Minister of Arts & Sciences, Master Raven Mayne, who encourages everyone to get on board.

Wanna help create interest in new potential members? Congratulations, there’s an easy way to do it without even leaving your house! An informal campaign has been started, using a hashtag, ‪#‎MedievalMonday‬

How does one participate? It’s easy! Just take a photo of something Medieval (something you’ve made, of photo of yourself at an event, a super cool illumination, etc.), and post it publicly on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, or Instagram, and use the hashtag #MedievalMonday

The other, and very important key, is that this happen on Mondays. Why Mondays? Because alliteration makes things easier to remember, and because when multiple people post using the same hashtag, on the same day, it increases exposure.


14th-Century, pointed-toe, blue boots

You may also wish to use ‪#‎SCA‬ and ‪#‎MySCA‬ the latter being the Society FB Page’s on-going hashtag campaign.

What will this do?

Well, first and foremost, it’s a positive form of outreach to spread awareness about cool medieval stuff.

Second, as your images get posted, liked, commented on, re-posted, and re-shared, more and more people are exposed to them.

Through my minimal efforts on Instagram, I’ve already attracted in a few people into the SCA; albeit in other Kingdoms so far, but new members are a good thing no matter where they’re from.

The bonus? We all get to see cool pictures of medieval stuff our friends have posted on Mondays, an otherwise very mundane day of the week 😉

If you’d like to find some of what’s already being posted, it’s easy to find. Just type #medievalmonday into the search bars at the top of your facebook page, Google+ page, twitter, or instagram feed and the posts will display.


Tart in Ymbre Day

Don’t forget to like and comment on your favorite posts. Even if you don’t have something to share this week, liking and commenting on other people’s posts increases its exposure to others, and supports the content creator/broadcaster.

Remember to have fun, and share something cool about this amazing time period!

-Lord Martyn de Halliwell

Photos by Martyn de Halliwell