The Coronation of Edward III and Thyra II was followed yesterday by a brief Curia. Their Majesties presented a single piece of business which they felt was too urgent to wait for their planned Curia at Market Day at Birka in January.

The full text of the law change will appear in the November issue of Pikestaff.

Their Majesties have become deeply concerned that because their Kingdom spans two countries in the mundane world, with different currencies, that their subjects are sometimes encountering unreasonable challenges when attending events across the border, which may prevent them from making reservations, or even from attending the event. Obtaining a check or money order in a foreign currency often involves significant fees for the sender, and sometimes also involves fees for the host group when they deposit it.

There Majesties have therefore crafted an addition to East Kingdom Law directing local groups to devise policies whereby they can accommodate the desire of foreign visitors to preregister, without suffering these financial burdens. The law is not specific in terms of the accommodations to be made. Local groups are expected to be free to devise their own policies, so long as they do not violate the Kingdom financial policies.

Representatives of several groups mentioned in the course of the discussion that they already have such policies in place.