If you have any items registered with the College of Heralds, please please please, seriously consider submitting a heraldic will or a blanket letter of “Permission to Conflict”.

What is a heraldic will? Well, simply put, it’s directions on what to do with all your registered items in case you die. If you want your child/ren to inherit them, you can do that. You can also specify that all of your registered items be released. Having a heraldic will on record allows the College to go about its business of registration without having to bother your legal heirs who may

A) not be SCAdian at all and have no idea what we are talking about and just deletes the email
B) be a former SCAdian that has no interest
C) a SCAdian who is still grieving and not sure what to do with your stuff

If there is already a will on file, it saves months of time and energy to get new item registered.

A ” blanket letter of Permission to Conflict” is another great idea. There is a form letter on the internet, but it basically says, if someone wants to register something and it is close to mine, but not exactly like mine, they have permission to conflict with my registered item(s). Again, it makes the work that the College does on behalf of the membership easier.

Both of these items have zero registration fee, so it doesn’t even cost you anything but a little bit of time.

If anyone has any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask me, Blue Tyger Herald or Brigantia Herald.

In Service to Crown and College,

Form letters and suggestions for wills can be found here: