We are pleased to share this account of an event held last week in the Shire of Lyndhaven.

There was a crispness in the air at the Tourney of a Thousand Veils that definitely felt like autumn had arrived. A crispness that was whisked away as soon as one entered the warm and cozy lodge at Lindsay Valley.

Many familiar faces were in attendance, but also many newcomers. Of particular note was the abundance of youth at the event. They filled the halls and surrounding woods with laughter and merriment.

Lord Conogan started the day by welcoming the newcomers to the Shire and explaining some of “what it is that we do”.


As the sun peaked over the valley Lady Mariota absolutely spoiled everyone in attendance with a lavish dayboard. Any hint of a chill one might feel vanished with just a few sips of her hearty, savoury Italian wedding soup. The heavy plates of cheese and bread and eggs were replenished time and again from what seemed like an endless supply of food.

Not content to just fill our bellies, Lady Mariota also provided a beginner class in needlework, while in the main hall Lord Conogan taught a dance to the ever-giggling ladies in attendance.

Lord Wilfrid Iadun of LyndhavenNot all plans came to pass at the Tourney, as too few gentles were available to compete in the fighting lists that day. Nonetheless, Lord Wilfrid Iadun was good enough to don his armour and allow the attendees to decorate him with many-colored scarves. His gesture was met with applause and cheers, small thanks for the lasting good impressions it left on the children and parents.

The afternoon passed in leisure as the guests young and old relaxed in the lodge or took adventurous explorations through the woods.

As the light faded over the valley all gentles returned for a sumptuous potluck feast. There were savory meats of every sort, and an assortment of dishes of rice and grain and roots. Lady Cat provided a delightful green salat bursting with fresh herbs. Two hearty soups and a crock of mulled cider warmed everyone to their toes. Last, but certainly not least, was a delicious tart of apples that had everyone adjusting their belts to make room for it!

We toasted to the King and Queen, our Prince and Princess, to the children, to the cooks, and to our champion of the day. We toasted those gone but not forgotten. We especially missed Master Henry, and noted with sadness how very much he would have loved to be at this event full of laughing, excited children.

Not to dwell in sadness long, we danced and sang and told stories until it was evident that our young flowers were starting to wilt. Everyone leaving the Tourney of a Thousand veils left with a belly full of food, a song in their hearts, and a smile on their lips.


Reported by Doccia Vacha of Lyndhaven

Photos by Jonathan Nantel