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The Stewards of Artifacts of a Life II, Baron Jehan du Lac and Mistress Elizabeth Vynehorn, requested that we spread the word. Start working on your entries now, so we can all be amazed by what you accomplish in a year!

From Artifacts I in 2013, by Agatha Wanderer

The Barony Beyond the Mountain and the Barony of Carolingia invite the populace of the East to join us on September 26, 2015 for Artifacts of a Life II — an arts and sciences competition with a focus on persona development.

Have you ever looked at your modern family heirlooms and wondered what your SCA persona would leave in your will, or the objects you would have valued during your life? Have you ever wanted to create your own set of grave goods? Of course you have!

Artifacts I, held in 2013, was an inspiring display of work from the populace of the East Kingdom. Entries included a fishing net, starched and dyed Elizabethan ruffs, clothing from various time periods and cultures, furniture, religious items, combs, sewing implements, lace, jewelry, game boards, arrows, mosaics, weapon sheath, eating utensils, and much, much more.

from Artifacts I in 2013, a Pockspiel board by Jan Janoeicz BogdanskiHow It Works
Like last time, entrants may choose to enter either the Typical or Elite categories. In the Typical category, entries must consist of 3-5 items from a single culture and time. The Elite category requires entries consisting of 6-9 entries from a single time and place.

New for Artifacts II
If you’d like to participate as part of a team, our new Village category allows you to work with a group of folks to create 6-9 items. Again, they must all be from a single time and place. More details on the Village category will be forthcoming.

from Artifacts I in 2013, various jewelry items by Avelina Keyes Entrant and Judge Feedback Requested
If you participated in Artifacts I as an entrant or judge and have any thoughts on how we can improve the event, or if you have any questions, please contact the event stewards: Baron Jehan du Lac or Mistress Elizabeth Vynehorn.

Information about the competition rules, judging criteria, and entry registration may be found at the event website. For more information about the site, please see the EK event announcement.

We hope to see you in Carolingia!