From Dueña Mercedes Vera de Calafia, Seneschal of the East Kingdom:

Tyger banner at Pennsic 42, photo by Baroness RainilltApplications for the office of Pennsic Steward are now being accepted. Please send an email with your SCA and Modern name, a brief SCA resume and a statement of interest to TRH@eastkingdom.org exchequer@eastkingdom.org and seneschal@eastkingdom.org. Please include contact information.

This office is defined in East Kingdom Law & Policy section IV.F.23.a-g 23.

The East Kingdom Pennsic Steward:

a. Performs an inventory of all East Kingdom Regalia and equipment used specifically for Pennsicand stored at Pennsic War. Ensures that this inventory is supplied to the East Kingdom Exchequer at the end of each Pennsic War.
b. Is responsible for arranging the setup and breakdown of the East Royal encampment at Pennsic War, including but not limited to the water, electrical and rental equipment.
c. Supervises the creation, purchasing, maintenance and repair of all Regalia and equipment stored at Pennsic War.
d. Is responsible for arranging for maintenance, repair and/or replacement as needed of the East Kingdom trailer stored at Pennsic War with approval of the East Kingdom Exchequer and Finance Committee.
e. Is responsible for coordinating with the East Kingdom Exchequer to ensure that all storage fees for the East Kingdom trailer are paid to the storage facility annually.
f. Promotes and encourages improvements for future Royal Encampments.
g. Is responsible to the Kingdom Exchequer.