The State of California is requiring a full financial audit from the SCA. We have contracted with the CPA firm of Boman Accounting Group, Inc. to conduct the audit for the years 2012 and 2013 and report their findings. The audit will not encompass any of the SCA subsidiaries, afffiliates nor non-US groups. Documents and records will be requested from US kingdoms or local groups to satisfy this audit. There will be a specified timeframe for providing the documents for the audit, as the cost of this audit is dependent on the length of time involved. Leading the SCA Audit team will be Mazelle Attiya, former SCA Treasurer and Society Exchequer. Mazelle will work closely with the Boman Accounting Group, and will be the Corporate interface with the Kingdoms and local groups. The Corporate Treasurer, the Society Exchequer and Renee Signorotti are advisors on the SCA Audit team. We thank you in advance for helping our organization through this excellent exercise in evaluating all of the financial processes used throughout the SCA.

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