badge ChirurgeonGreetings from the Kingdom Chirurgeon!

I write this message in an effort to address some false rumors concerning the Chirurgeonate.

As many of you are probably aware, some months ago in mid-January, the SCA Board of Directors (BoD) announced a proposal to do away with Chirurgeons as officers within the Society. They invited comments and ultimately made their decision in April. Effectively, the BoD decided to suspend action on this matter, pending further study and research. No decision was made at that time, nor has any decision been made since then; however, a committee (on which I am honored to serve) has been formed to investigate and discuss the issue.

Since the BoD announcement in January, rumors concerning the ultimate disposition of the Chirurgeonate have abounded. I have heard folks state with certainty that Chirurgeons no longer exist, or that their days are numbered. As stated above, these rumors are false. At this time, the Chirurgeonate continues to exist in the same manner as it has in the past: Chirurgeons – persons with mundane first aid and CPR certifications – continue to serve at SCA activities, patching up minor injuries and referring persons to higher levels of care when necessary.

In service to Chirurgy and the East,

Magister Galefridus Peregrinus,

East Kingdom Chirurgeon