Unto the good people of the East Kingdom,

While they served through a great many courts, and bore witness to the recognition of many of the glorious deeds that have been performed in our kingdom, the mighty thrones of the East have carried the burdens of the royalty for far too long. While built with the strongest materials and finest craftsmanship, they could only withstand the relentless care of over-eager guards for so long.

As such, we are putting out a call to the Woodworkers and Joiners of the East Kingdom to replace the thrones. We are interested in two sets to be built by different artisans, one pair for the King and Queen, and one pair for the Prince and Princess.

Designs should be sturdy and easily transported, and able to serve the kingdom for many reigns to come. As we do not know who our heirs will be, they should be comfortable for anyone from the most delicate of ladies to the stoutest of knights.
Please send inquiries as well as proposals (to include a budget and schedule), to Baron Lachlann the Graheme. The existing thrones may be viewed and measured at Pennsic War, on a noninterfering basis. Proposals are due by Sunday, August 31st.

In Service to the East,
Edward & Thyra
Prince & Princess