So, you’re going to Pennsic. The last thing you want to do is get held up at Troll, right? Follow these simple tips, and getting in will be a breeze!

-Bring a government issued photo ID with name and date of birth. Your own ID, not someone else’s. College ID doesn’t count. It doesn’t matter if you just turned 18 or just turned 90, you MUST show ID to check in.
-You must be 18 or have a FULL legal guardian with you. Not your friend’s parent, your grandmother, your older sibling, or your aunt or uncle. If they are actually your FULL legal guardian, please have them bring the judge-signed/sealed paperwork proving this.
-If you are bringing a minor but are not their parent, but a FULL legal guardian, please bring the judge signed/sealed paperwork proving this.
-Bring proof of membership if you are a member. Yes, you CAN show proof of membership on your phone! Remember that there is not internet access at Troll, and if you do not have membership visible at the time of check-in, Troll will take others who are waiting while you bring it up. There are NO REFUNDS if you check in and find your proof of membership later.
-Please take a photo of your license plate, and the trailer’s license plate. Or write the number down. Or tattoo it on an available piece of skin. You don’t want to mess the license plate information up, or your vehicle might get towed. Another way to ruin a perfectly good Pennsic.
-Troll really does close at midnight (except on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of both weeks). If you arrive between midnight and 6 am, you’re going to have to wait elsewhere. Plan accordingly. No, it doesn’t matter if you pre-registered. If you arrive while Troll is closed, you are NOT going to get in.
-If you have preregistered, make note of your reference number (which is on your receipt). If the helpful volunteers at Troll can’t find your information any other way, they can look you up by your reference number.
-Bring CASH or CREDIT CARD ONLY to pay any fees. No coins, personal checks, traveler’s checks, barters, or personal slavery will be accepted.

The biggest things to remember are ID, 18, and midnight. Getting in should be easy, it’s getting to do everything you want that is hard!

Special thanks go out to Lady Constance de Saint Denis and Lord Mathaeus Blades for their contributions to this article.