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Pennsic groupThe Pennsic Signal Corps (PSC) is looking for interested gentles to help with the battles at the Pennsic War!

The PSC serves the Field Marshalate. Members handle the official timing (at the pleasure of the field marshal), display the countdown and signal flags, distribute and return the radios used by the marshals on the field, and perform any other tasks required by the field marshal to help the battles run smoothly. The work of the PSC is not noticed when done well, but it’s an important volunteer effort.

The ideal candidates for this work have an interest in the battles but are not fighting, are available at least one day of war week, are willing to come to the site of the battle about 1 to 1.5 hours before
the battle begins and stay for about 30 minutes after the battle ends, are willing to cry times for the countdown and speak clearly on the radio, be able to stand for the length of the battle (or bring a folding chair), be able to lift up to about 15 pounds (though not very often), be willing to support the field marshal as needed, be enthusiastic, and be ready to have one of the best vantage points for the battles.

Interested gentles should contact Lord Nicolas of Windreach. Please feel free to distribute this information as desired.