“Unto the populace of the East does Ryan, Brigantia Principal Herald, send greetings.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank Baroness Katarzyna Gwozdz, Known as Varju. Varju has been my right hand, as the Jongleur Herald, for the last Five years in running Crown Tournament since I started as Troubadour Herald through today. Varju has been responsible for organizing the shield trees for Crown Tournament and, at first, producing the Heraldic plates for the trees, and later, educating fighters on how to make their own and reminding fighters in the weeks leading up to crown tournament to bring them to the tournament. Her efforts are greatly appreciated by all.
Varju, however, has decided that she would like to step out of the position she has held for so long and I wish her a pleasant retirement. Therefore The Kingdom finds itself in need of a new Jongleur Herald to assist the Troubadour Herald at this coming Fall Crown Tournament.
The Job not only entails running the list trees on the day of the Tournament but also working with the Chamberlain to organize the delivery of the trees to the Tournament. The job also requires advertisement of the trees leading up to the tournament and making it known that fighters are required to produce their own tree shields, educating them on how to make their tree shields, and reminding them to bring the shields with them to the Tournament.
Applicants for the position of Jongleur Herald should email me  and the Troubadour Herald stating their intent to serve in this capacity.
Secondly, as of this publication, I will have been in the office of the Brigantia Herald for 18 months. It has been my greatest honor to serve the Kingdom and the Society as the Principal Herald of the East. My first term will come to its completion at 12th Night this coming January. Per EK Law, section IV.D.2 , I have stated my intention to their Highnesses to remain on as Brigantia Herald for a third year. Per EK Law, section IV.D.4, at this time any other candidate who wishes to apply for the position of Brigantia Herald should send their Letters of Intent to their Highnesses.”