On June 7th we will be holding the second annual test between the Crown Province of Ostgardr and the Barony of An Dubhaigeainn. The event will take place at Episcopal Church of St. Margaret located at 1000 Washington Ave Plainview, NY  11803
On this day the champions and the populace of each group will test their skills in all martial activities:  heavy weapons, fencing, archery and thrown weapons; as well as Arts and Sciences competition, Bardic and Brewing competitions.
Not a resident of the Province or the Barony? Not a problem! You can come and align with either side with a heavy shove from us to make sure the sides are equitable 🙂

Schedule for the Day:
10 am site/troll opens
10 am A&S Display is open for Artisans to set up their works
10:30 am Archery field opens for the populace shoot
10:30 am Thrown weapons range opens for the populace throws
11 am Heavy Weapons Tournament (the field will remain open for pick-ups throughout the day provided there is a marshal present)
12 pm Fencing Tournament (the field will remain open for pick-ups throughout the day provided there is a marshal present)
12-4 pm Voting on the for the A&S competition (tokens will be given out at troll)
1 pm Brewing Competition to be judged
2 pm Bardic Competition in the nave of the Church
3 pm Thrown Weapons Champions Tournament
4 pm Archery Champions shoot
4:30 pm All Fields, Lists, Ranges and troll close.
5 pm Court
6 pm Site closes

Other Classes/Meetings:
12:30-2 pm Maunche Kaffeklatsch – hosted by Master Richard the Poor.  Not an official order meeting, but something much more informal where we can discuss assorted issues relevant to our order.

3-4 pm Pennsic 101 Class – hosted by Jenna Childslayer.
Going to your first Pennsic? Here you will learn everything you need to know to get yourself ready.

We will also have a raffle for the benefit of the Province. The person holding the winning raffle ticket will receive a cream pie and the opportunity to throw this pie at His Excellency, the Viceroy of Ostgardr.  We are not responsible for the winners throwing ability and accuracy.
There will be a delicious dyboard is being prepared by Lady Michelle the Ubiquitous.
The menu is as follows:
Aromatic meat buns (想肉包)
Soy sauce chicken & Eggs (卤鸡卤蛋)
There will also be some plain hard boiled eggs
Fresh fruit
Adzuki bean zongzi (Chinese tamales 粽子) – sweet and savory versions

Please check out the event announcement for more details:

We look forward to seeing you all at the event!