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badge East Tyger populaceGreetings from the Brigantia Principal Herald

The East Kingdom Order of Precedence will soon be moved from its temporary home at (http://op.wiglaf.org) to the EastKingdom.org Servers. While the software has several challenges, which will be addressed in the coming months, and we are VERY AWARE of those challenges, the data in the individual personal entries is actively being updated by Duchess Anna, our Shepherd’s Crook Herald. 

Please take the opportunity to check your own entry in the OP, either by the alphabetical search or the search function, and make sure everything is set properly. The New OP software can cross-reference names and aliases and such so if you cannot find your entry in your current name, please check your old names as well so we can assign the aliases. 

If you find you are missing an award or your individual entry’s name is incorrect Please provide Duchess Anna with the following information Via Email at Shepherds.Crook@eastkingdom.org with a CC: to me at Brigantia@eastkingdom.org:

SCA Name: 
Prior SCA Names: 
Mundane Name: 
Award Missing, including which royalty gave it, the date, and the event at which it was given. 

We will confirm the information and update it appropriately. 

Thank you for your continued patience as we update the OP into its new form.

-In Service to the Kingdom Crown and College, I remain,
-Baron Ryan Mac Whyte, OP, OSC, Brigantia Principal Herald of the East.