arms East Royal King QueenA grand auction for the East Kingdom Royal Travel Fund will be held during Spring Coronation on Saturday, April 5, and donations are being sought.   Ideas from prior auctions include:

  • Hand-made items
  • Promissories for backlog scrolls and other work
  • Mugs and other feast-gear items
  • Pre-made SCA weaponry include shields
  • Lessons from fighters or artisans
  • Food items (do not have to be period)
  • Promises of food or a formal dinner at an event.
  • Campwork at an event, including Pennsic.
  • Fabric
  • SCA-specific books
  • Beef jerky or a promissory for it.
People interested in donating an item should contact Lord Fergus Redmead.  If items can not be hand delivered to the site, he will try to make arrangements.