badge East Tyger Clerk of the SignetThe website of the East Kingdom College of Scribes posted a challenge phrased with such creative language that the Gazette is reprinting it in its entirety below. 

Greetings unto all to whom these present letters shall come!

Some of you may or may not have heard of the College of Heralds Imaginary. Some of you might even be a part of that amazing group of volunteers, but of course, can neither confirm nor deny that information with us. No matter. We, the scribes and various artisans of the East Kingdom, have come to hep- er, help you, in putting some “finishing touches” on your artwork for you.

You see, we’ve noticed that each year, a letter of intent is released to the public, displaying what appear to be documentable names (sometimes with devices) with an often silly tone. Ace Pilot, Feare-God Zillah, Antony Stark, Imma Rockstar, and many other favorites.

We’ve also noticed that the East does things a little…. differently. Since we do not have the same customs for achievements of Arms (for example, on a full coat of Arms, in the East anyone can have mantling on a torse, display one or two supporters, etc.), we thought we would provide our assistance. Thus, all who read this missive are hereby invited to create a full coat of Arms (achievement of Arms), displaying the heraldry contained in the pages linked to from here:

Rules? Well, yes, there are rules for this challenge…

1. No commercial, licensed, or copyrighted images may be used. We know what the character “Scooby Doo” looks like, but his medieval cousin, Scrooby Doo, might look a lot like a brown mastiff of the time period. So, wherever a commercial, licensed, or copyrighted image is inferred to, use your imagination and “hint” at what those supporters would look like.

a) Please also avoid inclusion of Kingdom and SCA awards on these achievements/coats of Arms, as the names are indeed registerable.

2. Please keep it “PG”, since the resulting artwork may be displayed if each artist wishes.

3. Yes. We will happily allow for the inclusion of mottos. In Latin, or other languages, as long as each motto must translate into coherent English.

4.  Since this contest comes with the blessings of Cormac Mór, Lorem Ipsum Benevolent Dictator of Arms, and Konstantia Kaloethina, Weeping Angel Tyrant of Arms, there is of course, a catch – all entries may be photographed for their review – and some entries may be brought to this year’s Known World Heraldic and Scribal Symposium, in the fabulous Barony of Starkhafn, Caid (mka Las Vegas…. so what happens there… well, you know the saying).

5. Entries should be on a page no bigger than 6”x6”, since they may be brought in a book on a flying cylinder to distant Caid.

6. Entries are due at Mudthaw in Settmour Swamp on March 22, 2014 and will be displayed there. Images of completed work will still be accepted by March 29, 2014; please indicate if you wish your work to be published on the East Kingdom Scribes’ Web Gallery by including an SCA Creative Release form with your image. Entries without this form will not be published online, but may still be displayed in person.

7. There is no rule 7.

These entries will be judged, and winners will be announced on April 1, 2014 (A populace choice winner will be selected at Mudthaw). Criteria will include humor, creativity, and overall presentation. You don’t need to be a scribe in the East Kingdom College of Scribes to participate – all who can pick up a brush and a pencil are welcome to join in this challenge, and create a wonderful conversation piece you’d be proud to hang in your own home. Entries submitted for display at KWHSS will be available for pickup at specific East Kingdom events afterward, so don’t forget to include your contact information on the back!

And that’s it! As a wise man once said: “I’d just like to wish to all good luck…. we’re all counting on you.”

Yours in Merriment,
Vanna “I’d like to buy a vowel” della Bianca