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badge East Tyger populaceAt Curia it was announced that the long awaited Order of Precedence website overhaul was nearing completion, and was now online. The Gazette contacted Master Justin du Coeur, who oversaw the program, and he provided the following:

The new Eastrealm Order of Precedence is now available online! You can access it here

The Order of Precedence (OP) is the record of all of the awards and honors that have been given by the East over its long history.  The new system is the result of a 2-year project to take the original OP — which was a labor of love for the late Mistress Caitlin Davies, who maintained it as hundreds of separate HTML files — and put it into a reasonably modern database system.  The new system should generally be easier to search and keep up to date than the old one was.  It allows you to search for a person by their SCA name; look up the recipients of a particular Order or Award; and see which awards were given by which monarchs, in chronological order.

This conversion has been challenging, involving thousands of individual corrections and collations of the data; we’ve done our best, but there are certainly still errors in it.  In particular, there was a major challenge of collating records that were listed under different SCA names (or simply spelled differently) in different parts of the OP — we put a lot of effort into that, but there are undoubtedly still some people who have some awards listed under one name, and some under another.  If you find errors or omissions in your award listing, please send them to the Shepherds Crook Herald, Duchess Anna.  If you find problems with the software itself, please drop a note to Master Justin

This is an early “beta” release of the OP — the software is still very much a work in progress, and there is a lot to do yet.  It is based on a package generously donated by southern neighbors in Atlantia, which we have been “Eastern-izing”.  (You may see the word “atlantia” still crop up here and there, along with some oddly-named awards and “awards” that were actually notes from old court reports.)  Expect to see further changes in the coming months, but we’re glad to be able to make the current version available to the populace.