medieval feast 2Feast of the Gaunt Days Update from the Butler of the Day, Meister Ulric von der Insel:

Foodies have been challenged to come up with proper February fare, and they have been responding! Of the twelve categories of food one may enter (The Choice of the People, February Fruits, Check Out that Pickle! Meat Me in the Wintertime, Lenten Lunchtime, Roots for the Home Team, Vegetable from Yestermonth, Blessed Cheesemakers, Drinks that Are not Just Melted Snow, Superb Soups and Stews, You Are So Sweet! and None of the Above.) it appears that the “Check Out that Pickle!” and “Drinks that Are not Just Melted Snow” categories may be the most hotly contested. “Meat Me in Wintertime” and “Superb Soups and Stews” may be a close contest, by all reports. There still haven’t been too many “You Are So Sweet” entries to satisfy my own sweet tooth – we shall see what appears that would be appropriate for a February – it’s up to the imagination of the entrants.

The Feast is on February 22 at the Barony of the Bridge and is, indeed, quite the pot-luck. The full announcement can be found at: http://www.eastkingdom.org/EventDetails.html?eid=2546