What constitutes an “SCA Theme”?

The competition outline for the Kings and Queen’s Bardic Champions
event asks each competitor to perform at least one work “written on an
SCA theme”. Later, the outline states:

“For this competition, an ‘SCA theme’ may be broadly interpreted as
any work written about SCA persons, events, or culture, and does not
require documentation.”


We have received a few questions asking for clarification on what kind
of works might be categorized as “SCA Themed”.

To clarify:

Master Grim and I are asking competitors to bring a piece whose
subject matter is the modern SCA. It could be song about a particular
King, a poem about a tournament or battle, a riddle about feast dish
ingredients, a story about a particularly stormy Pennsic, etc.. The
spirit of the rule is to celebrate the Modern Middle Ages with work
which you or another SCAdian have written about us.

On that note: keep in mind that you, yourself, do not have to author
the piece you perform. You can pick from any other bard’s work, if you
wish (and within that performer’s restrictions on their own work) and
there is an enormous corpus to choose from. A hilarious song about
sketchy event feasts… a story, in skaldic verse, about a drunk
berserker at Pennsic who jammed a brooch into his own bare chest and
proceeded to flirt heavily with several women… a hauntingly beautiful
song about an inspiring SCAdian individual…

If you have questions about something you would like to perform,
please do not hesitate to email me.

Have fun!
Maistre Lucien de Pontivy
Queen’s Bard of the East