siegeThe Estrella War has shared information about the heavy list and rapier fighting to be offered at the event, which will be held 2 months from now (February 25 to March 3, 2013) in Arizona.  The War is fought between the armies of Atenveldt and Outlands with guests and allies as equalizers for numbers.

For rapier, the battles include Dwarves and Orcs, the Dale, Roderickwood, Five Armies, Macchlurain, the Fords of Yehuda, and Felician Fields. Scenarios for the contests are open field, woods and castle with moat, with small unit and large group tactics.

For “hard suit” fighting, the battles are named Field of Celebration, Fords of A’Diaemus, Natterhelm’s Dyke, The Iron King’s Keep, The Mightrinwood, Town of South Cashion, Titan’s Crossing, Champions’ Field, Claymore’s Citadel, and Lion’s Wood. Settings include towns, woods, castles, bridge and ford. For the Champions’ Field, each side selects 20 Champions; the other battles are contests of the overall armies.

This is the 30th Estrella War, and it has been designated The Fellowship of the Kings. For more information about the event, check the Estrella War website. And for details about the combat activities in particular, see the Estrella War Combat page.