SCA Inc. websiteIn early December, the SCA.org website got a new look.

The motivation behind the “facelift” was the recent debut of the SCA Newcomers’ Portal.  “We wanted to add a very noticeable link to the Portal, so that visitors and new members could easily find their way there,” said Mistress Jessa d’Avondale, Webmaster of SCA.org *. “This led to streamlining the front page, which previously had 4 different sections and menus, and left plenty of room in the center for a large slideshow of photos.”

The new SCA.org front page features photographs of SCA participants from the SCA Digital Scribes Program, along with five buttons with prominent links for new members (the Newcomers’ Portal, On-line Membership, and Kingdom Lookup), and for existing members (the SCA Marketplace, and the Kingdom eNewsletter website).

A lighter-colored background on all pages provides more contrast for the text, and the website’s menus have been consolidated into one main menu at the top of the screen, to make it easier for visitors to navigate their way around the site.

Please send feedback and suggestions to Mistress Jessa *

* Mistress Jessa is responsible for the contents of the SCA.org website. Please note this is a separate office from the Society Webminister, Baroness Alesone, who is in charge of electronic publications, oversees the kingdom websites, and makes policy about local group websites.