King's HeraldryPosted on behalf of Baroness Theodora Bryennissa, called Treannah

On the 23rd day of November Anno Societatis 48, in the common era called 2014, at the end of a day filled with fierce battles, great fencing, youth combat as well as a delicious dayboard, Their Majesties Kenric II and Avelina II held Their Court.  They warmly welcomed two of Their visiting Cousins to come and sit beside Them and Their Heirs, and King Timothy of Aethelmearc and Prince Guillaume, called William of Atlantia took up Their offer and took Their comfort.  Their Majesties East presented each Cousin with gifts as Their Court began.

As They settled down to the business of Their Court, Their herald called for  Vicereine Johanne i Visby and Viceroy Gui avec cheval de Guise to come forward, as they had requested an opportunity to swear their fealty this day.  With words exchanged and the sword of state as well, this was quickly accomplished.  Yet another had asked to swear her fealty upon the opening of Their Majesties Court, and Baroness Carillion, Kis Maria, called Mika next heard her name, and in much the same manner her fealty was taken.

Now Their Majesties called for the presence of Sir Tanaka Raiko.  With whispered words and many glances exchanged, Sir Tanaka made his way before His King and Queen.  However it would seem that Their Majesties had nothing more dire in Their plans then to have Their Knight call upon the Captains of this day’s combat to award a first and second place scroll as prize.  Ioannes Serpentius would be called for first place, and Hrafn the Bonesetter’s name in second.  Scrolls both by Nyfain merch Coel and Bjorvig Grimskald Hulderson were read and presented to these two fine warriors.  Before he departed Their Presence, Sir Tanaka begged a boon of Their Majesties – that he and his lady, Mistress Sofia Staritskaia, might be allowed to swear their fealty as well.  With words that rolled easily from his tongue Sir Tanaka did so swear, and with much introspection and deep thought did Mistress Sofia claim to swear the very same.

Next was cried the name of Baroness Jehannine de Flandres – for one Magnus the Red had achieved the rank of Master Bowman with a Royal Round Score of 86.33 and Their Majesties would have her carry a token to him in recognition of such an achievement.  While the topic was that of archery, the Baron of Iron Bog, Collin Monro was called forward, for Her Majesty had heard that he had need to settle a matter involving Her Own Self and the Barony’s Archery Championship.  Baron Collin told of the day their championships took place, 2 brief months prior.  It would seem that The East Kingdom’s own Avelina, then Princess, had participated, and in fact, won the right to be their champion.  Upon her entrance form the box indicating that She desired to do so had been checked, and as She so readily explained, She did in fact qualify despite the provision that the champion either reside in Iron Bog or in a Barony that boarders it, as the very trees with in Iron Bog might shortly belong to Her.  However,  Her Majesty in Her great wisdom, recognized that She had many other obligations now that She was Queen, and conceded that Iron Bog might name another champion.  Master Phillip Reed the Facetious then spoke up, and as he noted, despite the fact that he had not checked the very box upon his entrance form that had brought them to this moment, as he had qualified otherwise to be their champion, he would gladly help if Iron Bog so chose.  Baron Collin promised to consider the matter and Her Majesty considering the issue handled, allowed him to take his leave.
Next all children present were called forward and The Princess Royal took the chest of toys aside so that each might select a toy from within it.  While the future of The Kingdom was so occupied, Their Majesties bade that more formal business be continued.

Kit of Serpentius’s name was called.  He could not be present and so the heads of his household,  Tribune Omega and Shahzadeh Roxane, stepped forward as someone who might speak for him.  Their Majesties noted that They wished to elevate him to Lord of Their Court, and a scroll by Kay Leigh Mac Whyte and Lillian ate Valeye was read, and delivered to them to carry to him.

Now the Prince of Atlantia indicated that He had some business with Their Majesties East, and They recognized him, and granted him time to speak.  He mentioned that he had heard rumors that The East was making ready for war, and as he wished all to remain peaceful between the two Kingdoms, he had brought gifts for Their Majesties.  With glad thanks his gifts were accepted.

Next to hear her name called by Their Majesty’s herald was Jenevieve Fiana Spillane.  Their Majesties commented upon all They had heard about her activity in the rapier community, and at that moment King Timothy of Aethelmearc spoke up, commenting upon how fine her fencing had been so recently in His Kingdom, and causing King Kenric and Queen Avelina to exclaim “oh, you’re THAT fencer”.  With that her Award of Arms was read, and the scroll by Jonathan Blaecstan was presented to her along with a purple leather circlet that had been sent for her by Don Po.

Now a married couple was called forward, Viola and Attila Soldus.  Also very active members of the rapier community as well as wonderfully helpful citizens of the East, Their Majesties wished to Award them Arms as well.  First a scroll by Nest verch Tangwistel was read for Viola and blue leather circlet from Don Po was placed upon her head, and then the words from a scroll by Charis Accipiter were read, the scroll itself, promised at a future date, and then a leather circlet in brown, also sent by Don Po, was placed upon Attila’s head.

The name Phillip Reed the Facetious  now rang clear through the hall, as Their Majesties demanded he present himself to Them.  He arrived immediately dressed in vibrant yellow, and knelt before Them, a look of confusion upon his face.  King Kenric addressed him then, thanking him for all his service to the Crown and mentioned that They felt a unique reward was due to one as dedicated as he.  The King instructed His herald then to read the words which would appear on a scroll forthcoming from Alexandre St. Pierre, which had been so carefully crafted to convey what They were presenting to him. The words spoke of the importance of the health and wellbeing of those who govern The Eastern Realm, and of how mindful Their Majesties are of those who can be entrusted with the humors of Their Own bodies because of this.  As They found Phillip to be such a person, Their Majesties saw fit to grant the boon of a Serjeanty that he and his heirs might be blessed with the unique privilege of providing His Majesty with a banana, ripe and pure, in full public view, that it might be of good service to His Majesty’s body.  Once Master Phillip had fully grasped the importance of what had just occurred, he requested that he be allowed to swear fealty, which was allowed, and then he presented Their Majesties with some small tokens he had brought back for them from his travels to the Kingdom of the Mouse, a miniature minion that they might keep close at hand, and special minion note paper for Their missives.

Next Octavia Valeria Laevina was called forward.  The cheerful hospitality this gentlewoman brings to everything she does had reached the ears of the King of Queen, and for this and more They chose now to make her a Lady of Their Court.  With a scroll by Kay Leigh Mac Whyte and illuminated by Raistlin the Quiet it was done.

Now Ophelia of Serpentius was called before The King and Queen.   They spoke with her of fine words others had brought to Them about her, and expressed Their desire to Award her Arms this day, which was done then with a scroll who’s illuminator was unknown, but which was lettered for her by Kay Leigh Mac Whyte.

The last formal piece of business this day was for Eliyahu al-Talhi.  As he knelt before Their Majesties they spoke to him of his fighting and his three daughters.  Their Majesties had noted his dedication and loyalty and for that They would make him a Lord of Their Court.  A scroll illuminated by Margaret Twygge and lettered by Kay Leigh Mac Whyte was then read, and he was presented for the first time as Lord Eliyahu.

King Timothy of Aethelmearc then requested a moment of time before all, and when granted He spoke of a recent experience He had had in His own Kingdom – an evening of fighting in a corn maze, which had become such a joyful and enjoyable time, that He had approached Sir Tanaka to assist Him in creating a weekend long event based on this, for both Aethelearc and The East to enjoy in the fall of 2014, and in this moment, He wished to invite all to plan to attend.

Finally there were closing words from His Majesty Kenric.  He spoke of how concerned He had been about 100 Minutes War with all the changes of site, because it was one of His favorite events.  He then thanked all who were involved in making certain that it did happen, and praised the day’s happenings highly.

With that, Their Majesties closed Their Court.

These are the events as I witnessed them this day.

Joyously in service to Crown and College,
Baroness Theodora Bryennissa, called Treannah