Chronicler badgeFor those readers who have purchased a sustaining or international membership in the SCA, we would like to alert you that the electronic edition of the December issue of Pikestaff, the official newsletter of the East Kingdom, is available to download.

The December issue features cover art provided by Lady Agatha Wanderer of the Barony of Endewearde.

Included are:

  • Updates to the deputies of the Tyger Clerk’s office
  • A request for applicants for the position of Kingdom Marshall of Fence
  • The Brigantia Herald’s website now features a new tool, “Ask a Herald”, to help connect gentles wishing to register armory and names with appropriate heraldric experts to assist them
  • The Board of Directors is seeking applicants for the position of deputy exchequer for Gulf Wars, with the expectation that the deputy will eventually step up as serve as Exchequer after a training period.
  • Reports of the courts of Their Majesties Gregor and Kenna at New Moon Carnival III/Tir Mara Rapier Champions in the Shire of Lyndhaven, at the First Baronial Investiture in the Barony of Endewearde, and at Last Court at the Coronation of Kenric and Avelina in the Barony of the Bridge.
  • Reports of the courts of Kenric and Avelina at their Coronation in the Barony of the Bridge, at Tir Mara A&S and Rattan Champions in the Shire of Lyndhaven, and at Crown Tournament in the Barony of Carolingia.
  • Curia will be held Sunday January 26 at the site of Market Day at Birka in the Barony of Stonemarche
  • Event announcements for the months of December and January, and upcoming Kingdom Events including Twelfth Night and King’s and Queen’s A&S Champions.
  • The complete Blackfox newsletter awards list

E-newsletters are available only to those who have purchased a sustaining  membership or an international membership.

Here’s a quick reminder about how to access the newsletters, if you have the appropriate membership. You’ll start by visiting the newsletter web site: http://enewsletter.sca.org

There you’ll be greeted with a login screen. You’ll need your membership number and password.  (The initial password is the word “start”, all lower case. It is recommended that you change the password to something more secure the first time you use the site.)

Once you’ve provided that you’ll see a screen with a list of all the publications available. You can access not only the Pikestaff, but the newsletters of all the Kingdoms, and the Board of Directors meeting minutes. Click on the name of the Kingdom or other publication you want, and on the next screen you’ll see all the
newsletters for that Kingdom, all the way back to the first electronic issues in March of 2012.

If you have trouble accessing the site, your next step should be to contact Membership Services to check the status of your membership. You can find all the contact information on the SCA web site: http://www.sca.org/members/MbrSvcsStaff.html They will be able to help you. The kingdom chronicler does not have the necessary access to do so.