Aquamanile - photo by Katherine O'BrienThe following account was provided by Lady Bronwen Rose of Greyling…

The St. Eligius Celebration of the Arts and Sciences was held on Saturday, November 16th in the barony of Dragonship Haven, Meriden, CT. The Competition format was unusual with each entrant choosing to join a group based on their experience level. Entrants with similar experience scored and were scored by each other face-to-face discussions. Mistress Renye Wurm undertook to orient the 15 entrants in the novice group and help them get organized to begin scoring. Mistress Eleanore MacCarthaigh took up the instruction and support of group of a couple of Artisans. Master Tristan oriented and launched five Experienced Competitors and Mistress Pagan Graeme helped the Laurels & masters group. Volunteer scorers were also recruited to be sure all entrants in all competitions had at least 3 scorers. His majesty, King Kenric, spoke with all the entrants in the Medieval Moment contest and selected a winner. Several gentles displayed beautiful arrows, drawn thread work, period ceramics, lady’s garb, enamels, dyed yarns etc.

Horn and game pieces - photo by Katherine O'BrienLady Cassandra de Matisse of Settmour Swamp preparied and presented a delicious, imaginative, and generous dayboard with the able assistance of Baron Janos from Bakhail, I think. A great deal of preparation and forethought went into her curing of pork to create the prosciutto over the last 2 months and smoking chicken to make the the scappi comfit. Diners could feel and taste the love in her home made quark (a soft cheese), her roasted fennel and her delicious spaetzle. And they made pretzels from scratch on site. Oh my!

Meanwhile, under the able direction of Jean Michel leVode, a busy and hard-fought fencing tourney was underway in the beautiful fall weather with all due ceremony and lightning moves.

After an absorbing afternoon, competitors were released from their examinations and the tabulation was completed.

A dessert buffet was opened in celebration of the Barony of Dragonship Haven’s birthday featuring pastries and confections contributed by many people.

Embellished sleeves - photo by Bronwen Rose of GreylingThe court of King Kenric gathered and the winners of the competitions were announced. In the St. Eligius Competition:
Novice: Lady Isabel de Rois  for 4 period methods of shaping clay.
Artisan: Rhode Kephalainis  for an Ornamental Window (leaded glasswork based on a 13th c. example at the Cloisters museum.)
Experienced Competitor: Mistress Dziuginte Stickbait  for the Lithuainian Peasant’s kitchen.
Laurels and masters: Mistress Vienna de La Mer for Jeweled and Embellished Sleeves and her Embroidered Viking Undergown.

Cheese - photo by Katherine O'BrienIn the focused contests that were scored concurrently:
Progress: Lady Isabeau Du Valle for a range of beadwork items.
Medieval Moment: Mistress Dziuginte Stickbait for Medieval Lithuanian Peasant’s Kitchen.
Best SCA Kluge: Lord Aleksei Dmitriev  for his Kindle Cover in the form of a Girdlebook.
Populace Choice: Lady Isabella d’Allaines le-comte (aks Izzy the Good) Vinegars and other Fermented Culinary Explorations in Cheese, Saurkraut etc.
Baron’s Choice (Baron Adhemar’s designated proxy in this was Master Joesph of the Red Griffin) : Lord Gideon HaKhazar for research paper “Why is this Knight different from all other Knights?”
Autocrat’s Choice was awarded to Thorunn Hyrna for her carved horns and game board/pieces.
The Master Alexander Challenge prize was awarded to Master Jaji (Master Qadagin-u Jajiradai) for his performance on mandolin. A glass, blown by Master Alexander, was presented to Master Jaji by Lady Cassandra de Matisse.

Prizes - photos by Bronwen Rose of Greyling

Prizes were embellished belt pouches of grey or blue suede & black leather belts with enamelled tips. They were made by Kataryn Mercer (Kit), Maria, Lady Isabel de Rois, and Brose (all of DSH) along with Mistress Annara, Mistress Ana Ilevna, and Mistress Damiana of Barony Beyond the Mountain–doughty leatherworkers all. Belt tips were decorated with champleve’ enamel, with enameling by Master Joseph of the Red Griffin, Mistress Renye Wurm , Brose and Master Tristan de Worrell.

Lady Bronwen Rose of Greyling (called Brose) was inducted into the Order of the Silver Crescent and a beautiful silver/garnet/brass emblem was made by Master Tristan with a cool, glittery scroll by Brose’s friend, Brose receives Silver Crescent - photo by Katherine O'BrienLady Marti Palotzny of the Shire of Hartshorn-dale.

Jean Michel leVode was awarded Arms with a superb scroll by the esteemed hand of Duchess Katherine Stanhope, so henceforth he is now Lord Jean Michel leVode. Don’t forget it; he has pointy things to remind you.

Master Joseph of the Red Griffin took as his protege’ Lady Cassandra de Matisse of Settmour Swamp.

Isabella receives Maunche - photo by Katherine O'BrienAnd the wonderful Lady Isabella d’Allaines le-Comte  was inducted into the Order of the Maunche with gorgeous scroll and a spiffy copper tasting-cup bearing an enameled Maunche medallion made by Master Tristan.

Court was dismissed and a delightful day drew to a rapid, organized, and satisfying close.

Photos graciously provided by Lady Katherine O’Brien and Lady Bronwen Rose of Greyling.