medieval feast 1On December 7th, The Barony of the Bridge is celebrating its 40th birthday, the birthday of Rubies and Red!  Contests, games and prizes will abound as the Barony settles into its “maturity” with interpretations on these themes.  A story telling session will be held as a tribute to Master El.

As ever, this event will celebrate with food, fun, and friends.  This year the setting is a cozy “hunting lodge”.  All in attendance are asked to bring a pot luck dish.  There will be a food oriented contest, which may or may not be separate from the general food but will be in keeping with the theme.

There is a cash bar at the site, but  the annual brewing contest will be held by special permission.  No other outside alcohol should be brought on the premises.

The even will be held at the Riverside Sportsman’s Association in Riverside, Rhode Island.  The site opens at  1:00pm and closes at 10:00pm.  Site fee will be $4.00 + Non-member surcharge as applicable.  Children under a certain age (5) are no charge.  There There is no dead line for the feast, but the autocrat would love to know by November 30th 2013.  For more information, see the event announcement or contact the Autocrat, Countess Elspeth.