As was reported recently. Tir Mara will be hosting Their Majesties in Ruantallan on the 30th of this month.

To honour all those visiting Tir Mara and in respect due to the Crowns of the East Kingdom,  Lady Juliana and her staff will endeavor to provide all with a hearty day board in the Norse and Anglo Saxon styles. Feast in the later day is to honour Herne the Hunter, as only Ruantallan can do, and show Their Majesties how “Ruantallanites” celebrate.

Additional Activities will include:
A Rattan Tournament

The Herne the Hunter Herald’s Challenge
(For a long time Herne the Hunter has had a Heralding competition to announce the fighters into the ring. This year will continue the tradition! Fighters, please find a person willing to Herald you in to the tournament. People willing to Herald fighters in to the tournament, please contact the fighters.
This year’s competition will require the Herald’s to need a story, a song or a poem to announce their great fighter onto the battlefield. This is to draw in the crowd and get them involved with the tourney. The Herald’s purpose is entice the crowd into wanting their fighter to win. Think of the movie “A Knight’s Tale” for inspiration. The bigger the better!
Remember that the King and Queen will be present and your display should reflect this).

and An A&S display for Their Majesties amusement.
(Artisans across our great Barony, and beyond our borders! We invite you to display your most excellent works for the enjoyment of their Majesties at the Herne the Hunter the ! Your contribution need not be new, just done by you! No documentation is necessary, but a short description would help all enjoy!
Please contact Lady Katherine so we know how much room will be required! (

There will be also a few Children’s Activities run by Lillianne du Languedoc.

For more information or to reserve, please visit the Event Listing on the EK Website.’Herne