Unto the populace of the East Kingdom does Mistress Elizabeth Elenore Lovell send greetings!

King Kenric and Queen Avelina have set me to the task of coordinating gifts for the upcoming reign with the assistance of Baroness Marguerite de Sainte Nazaire.

More specifically we will be creating gift baskets for visiting Royals at Birka and an assigned set of Royals at Gulf Wars.

If you would like to make an item or have an idea please email either myself or Baroness Marguerite at:

Mistress Elizabeth:  staceyrothrock@gmail.com
Baroness Marguerite:  kathleen.ann.oconnell@gmail.com

We can also be reached by telephone (no calls past 8pm please)
Mistress Elizabeth: 732-207-9658
Baroness Marguerite: 203-605-2593

Yours in Service,
Mistress Elizabeth and Baroness Marguerite