Excerpts From a Report by Mistress Brita Mairi Svensdottir

100_2592On a fine October day, the Endewearde Hunt for the Unicorn took place. Many activities were enjoyed:  A&S classes seemed to be enthusiastically attended, the hurley players had a great time, the children conducted a successful cattle raid, the thrown weapons range was always busy, and many people participated in archery.  There were 18 Endeweardian archers who participated in the baronial challenge, which was finally won by Lord Eoin an Doire. Baroness Aneleda’s Enchanted Ground was attended by about ten people who shared poems, songs, music and stories and Aneleda gave brooches made by her to all those who came. New people added their voices to singing around the fire on Saturday night, and Papa’s Bar at the End of the World did a roaring business. The Brewers’ Round Table was attended by brewers of all degrees of experience and Sylvia thought it went very well.

Court was a lot of fun. Baroness Mylisant Grey was the Royal Herald and did a great job. I think that the swearing of fealty was perfect and inspiring. Baroness Sylvia and Baron Ane du Vey promised to be good stewards of the lands of Endewearde and to protect its people. Then the Crown held Their court (they wanted to go first so that they could drink whenever the word Hunt was spoken – Nevell even had a sign he held up to remind people). They gave toys to the children of the East, Brita presented Kenric with some cookies, since he had accused the OGRs of  eating all his cookies at the meeting at Pennsic, Erik of Vastergotland and Freya of Visby gave TRM some hand made iron cooking tools, and Godric came forward to speak of the unfortunate incident at last year’s Hunt where the King’s cousin had been skewered with black arrows. Godric had been accused, but he had said, “Those aren’t my arrows, and besides, it would have only taken me one shot”. He taxed Alan of Wytleseie and the North Tower Archery Company with tracking down the shooter. Alan came forward and asked everyone who had a black arrow to come lay it at the king’s feet. About two dozen arrows (and one crossbow bolt) were brought forward by the members of the company, including the baron and Cody, a five year old archer (the Queen said, “You, too, Cody?”). Godric declared that we had confiscated all the shooter’s ammunition and that now Endewearde was safe for Royal visits. King Kenric said that one reason for making Endeweade a barony was to maintain the King’s Peace and to hunt down brigands and he was glad that we had been successful. Then Admiranda Howard was called forward to receive her AoA, calligraphy by Gwillim Kynith, Illumination by Agatha Wanderer, and words by Aneleda Falconbridge.

Baronial court opened, and after words of welcome from Their Excellencies, Lord Otto Gottlieb, head of the Endewearde Brewers’ Guild, was called forward to announce the results of the brewing competition: Master Ludwig von Eisburg won the beer category for his bok and the mead category. Lord William of Wyndhaven won in the cordial category for his cardamom liquor. MistressSylvia won the populace vote for her bochet. Each winner received a ceramic goblet made by Lady Ana Tarr. Then the Smokehaus was invited forward to announce the winner of the bacon tasting. Lord Eoin an Doire, Patriarch of Smokehaus, said that 25 pounds of bacon had been consumed, and that the bacon known as Bob, brought by THL Frasier MacLeod, was the winner. Frasier received a cloisonne bacon token made by Lord Nero Camulus. Next was Baroness Aneleda Falconbridge called forward to read the words of Their Excellencies of Ile du Dragon Dormant. Then came forward Lord Njall Randvesson and Beacon O’Neill to present the baron with a hurley stick and ball. The baron stated how much he had enjoyed the game, and tasked Beacon with forming a baronial hurly team to challenge other baronies. Lord Erik of Vastergotland and Lady Freya of Visby came forward and presented the baron and baroness with hand forged iron cooking tools.

The baroness then asked for Lady Agatha Wanderer to be called forward and emotionally recounted all the ways Agatha had helped with Investiture and presented her with a hand stitched cap made by Lady Mergriet van Wijenhorst, called Griet, newest A&S Champion of Tir Mara, who had given it to the baroness to present to a worthy person. Baroness Sylvia stated that she knew no one more worthy of this than Agatha, especially as Agatha is so fond of headgear. The baron then asked all who had helped with Investiture in any way to stand, and then all who had aided in the Hunt. He thanked all those standing and assured those still seated that they too would have opportunities to serve the barony in the future.

Master Godric of Hamtun came into court to ask permission for Lord Alan of Wytleseie, captain of the North Tower Archery Company, to present badges to those who had advanced in rank. Alan called forward those who had achieved the rank of Archer: Admiranda Howard, Seamus Na Coille Aosda, and Cody.  Then those who had achieved the rank of Marksman were recognized: Gruffydd Abernethy, Poplyr Childs, Nero Camulus, Eirikr Thoroldson, and Brita Mairi Svensdottir. Finally those who had achieved Bowman rank were recognized: Eoin an Doire and Njall Randvesson . Each archer received a leather archery badge appropriate to the rank, painted by Lord Gwillim Kynith. Alan then went on to recount the results of the archery tournament, which had several components. Winner of the Woods Walk was Master Godric of Hamtun, with a score of 74. Poplyr Childs came in second, and each received a lovely ceramic box decorated with a unicorn made by Lady Ana Tarr – Godric presented his to the Queen and Poplyr presented his to Baroness Margaret of Rochester, event steward of the Hunt. Godric and Njall Randvesson tied for the novelty shoot, and Godric allowed Njall to take the prize box, which he presented to Baroness Sylvia.  Alan announced that Master Krakken Gnashbone was the overall winner, with a score of 102 and Master Godric of Hamtun had come in second with a score of 98. Since he was not present, Godric took the box and promised to deliver it to Krakken.

Then Their Excellencies called into court Their First Archer, Constancia de Vianne and thanked her for her long service to the barony, she handed back her Champion’s regalia and thus was called in Eoin an Doire, winner of the First Archer competition, and given the arm bracers. He said that he hoped to serve as long and as well as Constancia had.

Baronial court then closed, after a few words from the baroness. The King then rose and congratulated Endewearde on its hospitality and vitality, which he said could well be emulated by other groups. He called Endewearde “a shining jewel in the North” and said he had enjoyed watching Endewearde grow and prosper and wished it many more years of the same.