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sanc·tion noun \ˈsaŋ(k)-shən\ :the detriment, loss of reward, or coercive intervention annexed to a violation of a law as a means of enforcing the law1.

Balduineum Wahl Heinrich VIIIn an announcement posted today on the Society Seneschal’s web page, the Office of the Society Seneschal, which has been working on this project for over a year, is making it’s new proposed Sanction Guide available for review by the populace and is requesting commentary on it. In addition to the new guide, a set of proposed changes to Society Law (Corpora) that are required to support the new Sanction Guide are also available. Copies of these two documents have been made available on the society seneschal’s webpage. The announcement reminded readers that these are a matched pair, and neither one should be reviewed in a vacuum. Members may also request a hard copy of these changes by mail or email at membership@sca.org.

The article stated that commentary will be open for 60 days and concludes December 28, 2013. It went on to indicate that comments should be sent to comments@SCA.org or sent via postal mail to SCA Inc. Box 360789 Milpitas, CA 95036. Those submitting comments are encouraged to include the specific page and section numbers to which their comment applies.

According to the Society Seneschal’s website, the plan is to hopefully put this in front of the board for approval at the January 2014 board meeting. The website also suggests that those with direct questions for the Society Seneschal may contact him via email.

Sir Modius von Mergentheim, Society Senechal expressed special thanks for their feedback to individuals who have gone through the sanction process in the past and to those who provided feedback through the society seneschal’s unofficial Facebook page. In addition, he indicated that others involved in this project included the Grand Council, past society seneschals, kingdom seneschals, members of the royalty and past board members.

Editor’s Note: While the Gazette welcomes commentary and discussion here, please remember comments on this website will not necessarily be read by the Seneschal and are not part of the official record of commentary.

1 Sanction. (n.d.). Merriam-Webster.com. Retrieved September 30, 2013, from http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/sanction