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The following announcement comes from the Elmet Herald, the East Kingdom’s Heraldic Education Deputy.

Greetings from Yehuda ben Moshe, Elmet Herald, the East Kingdom heraldic education deputy.

I will be running the next East Kingdom Herald University (EKHU) class next week.

On Mon, Sep 30, at 9:30pm EDT, I will be running “Armory 102”, the next in the series of Armory classes. This class will cover charge group theory and the SCA style rules. Before taking this class, you should either have watched the video for Armory 101 or have a good understanding of basic armorial terminology. You should also be able to understand blazon. If you have previously taken my “So you want to be a (book) herald? Part II – Armory” class, most of the material in this class was covered in that one, although a few topics are expanded.

Students have two options for participating in the class. The first is to join the Hangout directly. This allows the student to fully participate in the video conference, talking (or typing) directly to the teacher. Please note that the class will be recorded, and the recording posted. You can choose not to turn on your camera, so as not to be on screen, but your voice will be in the video.

If you would like a spot in the hangout, you must email me at elmet at eastkingdom dot org, spots will be first-come first-serve based on said emails. Please include your Kingdom of residence and which class (name and date) you are signing up for in the email. Facebook, G+, or mailing list posts will not get you a spot in the class. You must email the Elmet Herald directly. Please note that although this is the East Kingdom Herald University, students from all Kingdoms are welcome to participate.

The second option is to watch the class live through YouTube. This requires no account, there is no person limit, and you won’t be recorded, but it’s strictly one way – you won’t be able to talk to the instructor. You will be able to email me the questions, however, and I will try to respond.

Yehuda ben Moshe
Elmet Herald
elmet at eastkingdom dot org


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