CarolingiaLast weekend the Barony of Carolingia held an event at which six new Baronial champions were chosen.  The new Baronial champions are:

  • Archery – Lord Colin Ursell
  • Armored – Lord Ketilfastr Thorkilson
  • Arts and Sciences – Baron Valerian of Somerset
  • Performing Arts – Sir Michael of York
  • Rapier – Lord  Remy Delemontagne da Gascogne
  • Thrown Weapons – THL Cristoff Glocherean von Loch

New members were also inducted in the the Carolingia’s Order of the Perseus, which recognizes prowess in and contributions to the martial arts.  The new members are Lord Alec Craig, Lady Arlyana van Wyck, Lord Remy Delemontagne da Gascogne and and Lord Bregowine of Galloping Hill.