Photo by Baroness Rainillt Leia de Bello Marisco

The Belted Champions before the fight

The champions battle between members of the Chivalry from the East and the Midrealm was won by the East this Pennsic.  “The Belted Champions once again executed a sound plan with aggression and control,” His Majesty Gregor told the Gazette. “Duke Andreas’ right flanking unit drew out a larger Midrealm unit and kept them busy while the remaining Eastern Chivalry inflicted severe losses. To me , that was the key to the battle.”

The following is a list of the belted champions and a video of the combat.  The video was provided by Captain Devon of Ayr of the Midrealm.  All photos by Baroness Rainillt Leia de Bello Marisco.

Gregor leads his champions out on the field

Gregor leads his champions out on the field

Prince Kenric of Essex
Sir Alexander de Hautville
Duke Andreas der Eisfalke
Sir Cullyn mac Cianain
Sir Douglas Henry
Duke Edward Grey
Sir Gareth Grey de Wilton
Sir Gui avec cheval de Guise
Sir Ivar Volosatoi
Pan Jan Janowicz Bodanski
Duke Konrad von Ulm
Duke Lucan von Drachenklaue
Sir Mohammed Sevim Oglu Gowan Oglu
Tribune Omega Aurelius Serpentius

The Belted Champions on the field

The Belted Champions in action

Sir Oscad de Segovia
Master Padraig dubh MacEanriug
Earl Ruslan Novgorodcev
Sir Thomas of Ravenhill
Master Wulfbrand Weigand
Master Wulfstan the Unshod
Sir Colin mac Eoain mec Lachlainn
Sir Manfred Albrecht von Halsstern